Azure Certifications

My current career goal is a vague direction towards Data Engineer, Data Architect, and Chief Data Officer. There is a bit of overlap, though there are big differences, too. For now, I am going to focus on some technical expertise and take advantage of the training that Youi will provide, and pursue these Microsoft Azure certifications: Azure Fundamentals Complete! Azure Data Fundamentals Complete! Azure Data Engineer Associate Azure Developer Associate Power BI Data Analyst Associate

March 18, 2022

Reading List

I don’t expect to ever get through all of them. It’s more like my personal library. Every now and again I can browse and borrow one, happy to let others flow past me in the river of time. A strikethrough means I have read it. Some of these books I have read once but I woud like to read again. There is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. I might organise them better at some point....

February 14, 2022

Teamcity, Octopus, and SQL Change Automation

Figure out how to get virtual machines running on my Windows 10 Home PC Stand up two virtual machines and install SQL server on both - one to simulate a test environment, and one to simulate a production environment. My local server will be development. Get a (hopefully) free acount for TeamCity and Octopus Install Redgate’s Flyway product for SQL change automation and deployment - we use SQL Change Automation at Youi, but that is expensive....

July 17, 2021

Learning SQL DBA

I’ve been working at an insurance company for nigh-on six years at this point, and I’ve been writing SQL the entire time. As a member of the Business Intelligence team, most of my work has been creating reports with SQL and Microsoft SSRS, analysing data with Excel, and building dashboards in Tableau. In March 2020 I’ve taken on a new role as a Data Foundations Analyst, which is to say more DBA-type work....

March 1, 2020

Genesys Adversaries

Genesys Adversaries is an easily searchable database of adversaries for Fantasy Flight Games’ Genesys Roleplaying Game. I’ve been playing FFG’s Star Wars and Genesys RPGs for a few years now, and I was super impressed by this searchable database and wanted to do something for Genesys. I knew I didn’t have the Javascript skills, but thankfull the repo is public. I made my fork of the Star Wars Adversaries repo, made a few tweaks to the colour scheme and symbols, then spent a fair bit of time going through the data entry part....

February 28, 2020