So now that I have my instances installed I can work on actually getting Octopus installed and connected correctly.

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Sign up for Octopus:
    • I selected the Server version, used a dummy company name, and created my account
    • Downloaded the file and installed it into the default location
  2. I selected “Get Started” and pasted in the licence key I was emailed
    • I chose my secondary hard drive for the deployment files, D:\Octopus
    • I chose the option “Use Local System Account”
    • I chose the production “SQLEXPRESS” server, and default “OctopusDeploy-OctopusServer” database
    • Default HTTP listen port 80
    • sa.octopus for the Octopus admin user and my email address
  3. Next, I plan on reading through the getting started guide