Sometimes, trying to get stuff done is hard

It wasn’t a short week. I had a lot of time to focus on some important projects, but my focus this week was a little lacklustre. I have been heading into the office a few days a week, but the rest of my team is working from home, so it feels a little lonely when the others groups have multiple people from their teams. I don’t really end up talking to anyone in the office when I’m there, but at home there is a lot of construction work next door which is irritating on its own.

Anyway, what did I actually do? We have some issues with getting data out of Yammer since Microsoft silently deprecated their old API, and when I switched over I used a couple of wrong fields (like name instead of full_name) so I needed to fix that. I’ve been making a little more progress in cleaning up permissions, and our financial database is the last cab off the rank. I need to make sure I don’t break that. We also find duplicate staff records in our system somehow and I’ve been building a notification that will tell the manager when their person has two entries that are effective on the same day. Then more Tableau “training”, by which I mean building a dashboard for the manager. Oh well, at least its practice for my exam I need to do soon to renew my certification.

A fantastic birthday celebration

On a more positive note, I celebrated my birthday last weekend and have a really good time. A day off on Friday to play some PC games I’ve been putting off for a while:

After my break a couple of weeks ago I’ve realised that whilst I can easily get sucked in and play too much, I do enjoy PC games a lot, especially story driven RPGs or city building games.

Then on Saturday I spent all day at a local games store to use their private room for board gaming with some friends. The owner was generous enough to let me unbox and freely play a number of expensive games:

I had such a good time doing that. I also received a nice gift in the form of Scythe: The Rise of Fenris from a friend and I look forward to playing that with a few other people for the campaign.

Then on Sunday it was lunch with the family, including a Delicious gluten-and-dairy-free black forest cake, like this one. I had so much food and a lot leftover to take home. Overall it was a really enjoyable time for me, and in this time on Covid, it was great to get out and spend quality time with people who are close to me.

A final positive note: We had our second Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine shot this week. Hopefully we can be part of putting this disease in the past, though it could easily be another year.