I had my birthday to celebrate on the weekend and so it was only a four-day week. Not too much exciting going on at work:

  • Nightly ETL errors to fix
  • Some code to disable nightly jobs built by other people if they fail too often without being fixed
  • Trying to put the rest of our databases under git change automation
  • Check our remaining databases to see who I missed for removing db_owner privileges
  • Going through and remove all instances of individual users being create
    • This seems to happen when someone who connects to the database through a group (an Active Directory group), that group has no default schema, and then the user creates an object without specifying a schema. In that case, SQL Server creates a schema to match their Windows username, and creates a user in the Database matching to own the schema
    • After I deleted all of these individual users I set the default schema to dbo for all users in all databases to prevent it from happening again
  • Some work on a new Tableau dashboard as part of my “training” with one of the managers, taking advantage of the new noodle relationships that allow you to have two tables connecting at different levels of detail without causing duplication from the join
  • Trying to help a colleague who was having issues with getting git authenticating. Turns out he needed to create a new SSH key