Some more cleaning up whilst waiting for projects to start

More cleanup at work this week. I’ve been going through all of the SQL databases on the servers we manage, listing all of the users that have db_owner permission, and trying to work out if they actually need that permission by asking the person actually responsible for the database. I’ve moved quite a few users from db_owner to data reader, data writer, ddl admin, and a custom role to allow execution of stored procedures.

We’ve also been cleaning up our nightly process. For a while now we’ve had a service broker implemented, allowing the BI analysts to create their own steps that we run each night in their own databases. We’ve found that this freedom is a little too much and our more important steps are suffering, so we’re moving all of them to our main nightly process. Lots of stored procedures to edit.

Other than that, not much has been too exciting - dealing with tickets for access errors, adding new steps to the nightly process, tweaking our SQL Change Automation process.