I’ve been reading a lot about Warhammer gaming recently. I was a serious collector in my teens but I haven’t touched this hobby for years. Quarantine at home seems like a good time to restart these kinds of hobbies. It’s been a good time for baking and cello practice, too.

What I’ve been doing

I recently discovered Wahapedia with all of the updated unit statistics for Warhammer, and it has been fun re-living my high school days a little, reading over the content there. Once this quarantine’s over I’ll be organising some games with old friends for sure. I’m dusted off my old paints and unassembled miniatures from ten years ago - I’m planning on finally finishing them all.

I’m still making ice-cream basically every weekend. This machine I received was probably the best birthday present ever. This round I’m trying a apple pie flavoured ice cream, complete with stewed apple bits and syrup stirred through, sandwiched between snickerdoodle biscuits. I’ve made plenty of ice-cream sandwiches but the biscuits are usually chocolate, but I wanted something buttery this time. Hopefully it works out - they’ll be assembled today.

Since the quarantine put a crimp in my plans for getting in-person cello lessons (though I slacked off for a while anyway), I bought a new Essential Elements for Strings book and have been working through that, plus a few more songs I’ve printed from online. It’s hard, but learning something hard has been good for me. Especially since it’s not on a computer.