I picked up the cello in November 2019. I’d been thinking about it for a long time, and, inspired by the Piano Guys, finally bit the bullet.

Plan of attack

My immediate goal is to be good enough to play at our church Christmas carols this year, but I haven’t been only practicing carols. I purchased Essential Elements for Strings: Cello (Book 1) when I started, and have simply been working through the exercises and watching a few videos to help with technique. Recently I purchases Book 2 and have been following the same pattern.

I try to practice for 25-30 minutes 6 days a week before work (which is a little easier now with no commute), trying different exercises and songs. Even with the books, it’s still a little undirected as I’m not sure what the best thing to practice on any given day is, but I’m definitely making progress. I really should spend some time getting some exercises online and incorporating them into my regular routine.

Hopefully once quarantine’s over I can actually get those in-person lessons I’ve kept meaning to start.