I’m Dylan Petrusma, a Data(base) Administrator/Engineer/Architect with years of experience in the insurance industry working with mid-sized databases, both on SQL Server and recently Azure. I’m a big believer in learning constantly and I try to pass on my knowledge to all of my colleagues when I can.

My specialties are database performance tuning, translating stakeholder demands, and database DevOps. I’m great at designing and building out new data solutions. If you need someone to help you design a new database, a new SQL DevOps pipeline, or document an existing data architecture, I’m your engineer.

And I’m on the market!

First let me outline some requirements:

Location: Remote or in Brisbane, QLD, Australia (remote preferred)
Employment type: Full-time employee
Organisation: Data Engineering or Data Architecture

Some topics I’ll want to discuss with you:

  • What is the mission of this team?
  • Where do you think I can do the most good?
  • What problems will this team be tackling over the next 6 months?
  • Am I replacing someone on the team or is the team growing?
  • What is this team most proud of?
  • What are the on-call responsibilities of this team?
  • What is the makeup of this team?
  • What is your interview process like?
  • What is your hiring timeline for this position?

I’m looking for the right position and eager to explore opportunities. If you think we’re a match, please contact me dylan.petrusma@protonmail.com at to schedule some time to talk!

If you’re interesting in more detail, you can see my résumé here.