Dylan Petrusma

I’ve started writing, not that I have anything particularly interesting to say or an audience to build, but because I want to keep track of my projects, what I’m learning, and occasionally ramble in my own corner of the internet

Octopus Stage Two

Open the Octopus Manager and make sure the service has started, then naviate to the web portal (mine is at http://localhost/app#/) On the portal, Create your first environment and Add Environment, naming it Test, then Add Deployment Target (reading https://octopus.com/docs/infrastructure/deployment-targets) Select Windows for the type of target, then Listening Tentacle. Download the Tentacle (I chose 64 bit) Run the tentacle installer, installing in default location, and start the Tentacle Manager Select Get Started, then Listening Tentacle....

September 6, 2021

Another Quiet Week

Not too much exciting going on, hence the lack of update last week. I’m continuing to work on the finance project to move from Excel to SQL - thankfully, that is nearly done. I’ve also continued on our security audit to review users and what access they actually need. Plus, the usual work on adding steps to our nightly ETL process and keeping the warehouse as healthy as we can....

August 21, 2021

Octopus Stage one

So now that I have my instances installed I can work on actually getting Octopus installed and connected correctly. Here are the steps I followed: Sign up for Octopus: https://octopus.com/start I selected the Server version, used a dummy company name, and created my account Downloaded the file and installed it into the default location I selected “Get Started” and pasted in the licence key I was emailed I chose my secondary hard drive for the deployment files, D:\Octopus I chose the option “Use Local System Account” I chose the production “SQLEXPRESS” server, and default “OctopusDeploy-OctopusServer” database Default HTTP listen port 80 sa....

August 14, 2021

Making a Start on Virtual Servers with SQL and Octopus Deploy

My plan was to create two virtual machines that would mostly lay dormant, and install SQL Server Express on both of them. One of them would be my test environment, and one would be my live environment, with my local machine acting as development. I started googling “virtual machine windows 10” and following the Hyper-V application notes (Microsoft Documentation). First, I needed to create an .iso file: Microsoft Documentation I didn’t need a USB, but I simply ran the tool and selected “Create an ....

August 9, 2021

A Lack of Focus

Unfortunately we had to go into lockdown again this week, missing out on a few social events. Well, I’m thankful that it’s not too bad, though the constant construction going on outside my window is getting on my nerves a little. This was my first week trying Microsoft’s suggestion for “Focus Time” where it automatically blocks out sections of your calendar to be undisturbed. I failed at following the suggestion, but it is nice to have scheduled do-not-disturb time....

August 7, 2021